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Update: As of October, the Top 50 Wolf RPG list no longer accepts sites from wetpaint.com as only 99% of these sites know how to follow the rules for our list. My apologies to those who did. I would highly recommend you join one of the other topsite lists out there if you own one of these sites, or create your own (perhaps one dedicated to wetpaint.com sites?) Thank you.
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It all starts out on the gagged land-scape that is mostly our territory. There, you can choose to go it alone, or face all the dangers together. Remember, whatever you choose, there's always danger a

Rank Site In Out
Serenity River Pack
3388 11173

A down-to-earth pack, which aims to be a fun place to hang out! We're an active literate RP, and try to include each of our members.
Sordid Secrets
2851 10544

A fantasy wolf roleplay! The lands of Victus; a place of myth and magic. Rumors of war are spreading with the rising of the dead.
Ruins of Wildwood
2452 10323

Ruins of Wildwood is a realistic wolf roleplaying game set in the forest of Relic Lore. A friendly, active and loyal community we accept roleplayers from beginner to advanced!
Haven's Grove
2436 10509

Semi-Realistic LITERATE Wolf RPG site! We've recently changed our layout and now have all 3 packs open as well as over 27+ areas to RP in! Come join us!
The African Stars Pack
2257 5196

A canid roleplay based in the heart of Africa. You can choose from many different types of canines; beginner-advanced roleplay. We also have games, contests, and activities. Never a dull moment!
'Souls RPG
2005 3944

'Souls is an advanced, play-by-post, post-apocalyptic werewolf and werecanine RPG set in Nova Scotia, Canada. We've been going strong for over ONE DECADE, and we'd love for you to join us!
1605 9573

Open since February 2008, Anikira is an Int/Adv realistic wolf RP with a fun, friendly roleplaying environment and many diverse plots. We are always looking for literate, fun members!
1359 6704

Alacritis is a semi-realistic wolf RP. We are beginner through intermediate with a minimum word count of 150. With a friendly staff and a highly active member group you can't go wrong!
The Wolves of Winter
1174 902

A literate wolf roleplay, situated in medieval Europe. Follow the Kings of Winter, through the lands of old.
Nocte Diei Lunae Sanguinem
1053 3051

For centuries lycans have roamed the world without the humans knowledge of their existence - but how long will they remain secret?
Dealan- Dè Pack
1044 838

We're a new friendly,literate roleplay wolf pack. We're set in ancient Scotland, surrounded by myths and legends. Come join us and see where your fate leads you.
883 376

Animus is a brand new semi-realistic elemental wolf role play! It is very user-focused and free form, enabling players the space to develop in the ways they choose. Elemental affiliation will not tie
The Pack
820 2959

Semi-literate, realistic WRPG. Friendly members and staff, open plot, and over 15+ species of wolves accepted! Come join our woods!
686 1961

Incendio is a literate-advanced realistic wolf role-play site. There are 3 packs within the valley, over 35 locations to role-play, frequent player-on-player and site-wide plots. Come on in and join t
602 4912

Nine species. Three gods. Total chaos.
Welcome to the madness.
{ wolf/human shifter }{ fantasy }{ active }
Age Of The Wolves
601 2253

Age Of The Wolves is a realistic wolf RP. Come join our ranks, start a family, choose a side, and do what your heart desires. We are looking for literate writers who love wolves as much as we do!
| Incandescence |
544 1151

Where once the lands lay twisted in human desolation, a new order has risen. In the realm of Candenta, wolves reign supreme, but are you prepared to withstand their flame? -Welcome to Incandescence-
543 852

Sverige is a PG-13, post-apocalyptic, statted, fantasy wolf RPG set in Sweden. The world is constantly expanding, with the addition of new locations and creatures. There is no word count and we have a
The Katmai Natives
519 584

KNP is an active, fun-loving wolf RPG located somewhere along the peaks of Katmai, Alaska's most treacherous mountain. Battle the freezing temperatures and much more in our semi-realistic RP. Join!
[ wild reign ]
484 2695

Wild Reign is a welcoming & close nit community of members. There are several roleplay opportunities; join a pack or embark as a rouge, no design limitations, & create your own plots to name a few.
448 410

A fantasy canine & feline elemental rp. We offer 5 empires, 2 clans that can be created, powers, a point system, over 5 species for free, & more!
Point Of No Return
412 3594

PONR is a literate wolf/human shifter roleplay with ever changing plots, friendly members, and loads of activity. Open since 2008
Moon-Star Wolves III
396 1123
War is a breath away as the tensions between two packs soar. One Alpha has been kidnapped, and those left behind may fight to free him - or fight for the space left behind. What is your ambition?
Cherished Shadows
384 227

| run with the shadows of the cherished |
Literate, semi-realistic, active wolf role-play, excelling in both paragraph and speed role-play.
The Four Clans
352 925
Choose between four clans- ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan. Role-play, master skills, earn rewards and trophies, participate in contests, and just have a generally great time!
323 597

Doutaini is a semi-realistic elemental wolf rp that has many packs, deep lore, advanced story and 7 sentence minimum for posting. Alive for 8+ years with a positive and accepting member base.
Eden's Inferno
320 142

Eden's Inferno is a realistic advanced role-play where wolves, humans, and dogs struggle to survive and co-exist.
The Lost Ones
283 1215

(Literate Fantasy Werewolf RP Site) Welcome stranger. Choose your path, choose your pack, and begin your destiny.
The Rain Pack
267 3325

After much dedicated time, TRP has closed and reopened in a version 2! TRPv2 is a semi-realistic wolf RPG with a brand new look. We hope to see you soon!
Mercy V3
265 1036

to celebrate our 1st year anniversary, we created a brand new site! come join our lovely active rpg and take part in the cuddles because the weather is getting cold and everyone needs a cuddle buddy.
Fire and Ice Wolf Packs
250 4163

An active literate WRPG since 2006, we are a diverse community who welcomes writers of all ages and experiences, unlimited plots, hundreds of chances, six packs and only one land.
Ciroc V.3
239 2590

Founded in 2009, we are a semi-realistic wolf rpg with an open, member-driven plot. Our community is warm and welcoming, and our writers are diverse. Come and write your tale; Ciroc is calling!
Sinister Chaos
216 337

A semi-realistic, wolf RP, based in a unique world, with a unique site and RP features. The community is small but loves to do contest, RP plots, art and more. Come join us today!
Remnants of Shadow
214 1367

Friendly, active daily, many plots and packs, & have been together for 4+ years. 250 word minimum average(but we have special areas for beginners). Must be at least 13 years of age.
212 1342

We are a realistic wolf site for moderate to advanced writers, with a 250 word count. Join a pack, or make one of your own. Customize characters with the shop, earn awards, and enjoy your stay.
The Lost Shores Pack
198 73

Welcome to The Lost Shores pack, a modern day canine rp that takes place on a deserted island.
The Valley
196 305

We are a new, semi-realistic wolf roleplay set in a remote area of northern Canada, nicknamed the Valley by the locals. Will you roam the lands alone, or choose to join one of the four ruling packs?
Origin Wolves v2
195 1095

Welcome to Origin. A free form, play-by-post fantasy wolf roleplay. We have a word count of 200, and we accept intermediate to advanced roleplayers who are thirteen years of age or older only.
Were the World Mine
181 366

In the beginning, there was death... the sickness that's driving us mad was--is--all around. There's no escaping this. Madness is not a state of being. It is a place. Shall you go there?
178 71
A PG13 fantasy/mythology wolf site where the Sun God and the Moon Goddess are in a struggle for immortality against the Time God.
seasonal trackers pack
170 2843

Forum based in role-playing as a wolf of the pack or a loner. We've many forums to RP and other entertaining things related or not with wolves!
Forest Spirit
169 1594
We accept roleplayers of any level from beginner to advanced. Forest Spirit is a fantasy canine and feline roleplay, and we also allow members to roleplay as prey animals. Our site has a word count of 150.
Gras Beneath My Paws
146 201

Grass Beneath My Paws is an active 2013 wolf and warrior cat roleplay forum. We have our own twists and alterations to the Roleplay which make it exciting and dramatic!
The Rayala Pack
136 671

Do you have what it takes? Come join the fun today!
Death Valley Wolf Pack
129 260

Original Images for banner supplied by: http://www.all-about-wolves.com/free_wolf_photos5.aspx and Evgeni Dinev of freedigitalphotos. Accepting members/active/plot twist/look for more info.
Memento Mori
115 441

The time has come, we have forgotten that we too bleed, that we feel pain. Now, we must remember those mortal justices as vices that we too keep. Remember, Guardians, remember we must die.
Wolves Of Chandra
114 134

Wolves of Chandra is a semi-realistic-literal role play site. It is for all levels of role play from beginner-advanced. Come join us as we run under the Moon, wild and free.
Ruby Moonlight
111 2730

Come and check us out~ We don't bite, Promise? Well... maybe a little.
108 314

Ascension is an all-level Magical Wolf roleplay. Collect elemental powers as you discover them and level up your character through accumulation of XP and quests. Visit us to learn more!
Shadow of the Blue Moon—The Rift
105 615

The Rift is a semi-realistic role play centered around a valley and it's inhabitants. Here on the Rift, common grey wolves clash with Rifters for territory and power.

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