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Update: As of October, the Top 50 Wolf RPG list no longer accepts sites from as only 99% of these sites know how to follow the rules for our list. My apologies to those who did. I would highly recommend you join one of the other topsite lists out there if you own one of these sites, or create your own (perhaps one dedicated to sites?) Thank you.
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Site Of the Moment:
Forest Spirit
We accept roleplayers of any level from beginner to advanced. Forest Spirit is a fantasy canine and feline roleplay, and we also allow members to roleplay as prey animals. Our site has a word count of 150.

Rank Site In Out
13 328

Iridescent was originally opened in 2017, and is now making a comeback! High Positions are open, and a new plot is underway! We want to make it as active as possible! Come over and join us!
12 655

Dominus is a play-by-post, semi-realistic, liquid time, present day, post-apocalyptic wolf roleplay that takes place in the land of Dominus. We have everything except you!
12 40

Drift is a fantasy multi-species role-play with limited content restrictions, canines/felines/equines as well as mystical creatures like Dragons, Pegasus, and Hippogriffs! We are a friendly community
The DawnRunners Wolfpack
12 3
Looking for new, active wolves for our pack. We're located on in #dawnrunners. Any newcomers or veteran roleplayers are welcomed. Please check out our forums as well!
Round Table Knights
11 113

King Arthur had his story, but what the world didn't know was that wolves were involved to. Unrealistic, literate and active.
The Pack`s Fates
11 219

The human race died out, a virus killed most of the wolves & prey as only 2 pack stood strong. Prey is low tension is high and a huge battle is brewing, who will survive?
A New Semi-Realistic and frie
The Golden Forest
11 98
Gods created mortals, and the mortals grew ambitious and power hungry. The lands and kingdoms they owned were not enough; they wanted more! It is said that if you kill a god you steal its power, but h
Reign Of Evermore
10 245

A brand-new semi-realistic wolf rp. In a land never touched by man two packs grow, flourishing. But a great evil is growing... and soon there will be a war.
10 52

The world was created from Fire and Ice, Mother Nature and Father Time, but what happens when more gods appear and more elements emerge? 150 word post count literate-semiliterate. Wolves, foxes, dogs
The Apache Sunrise Pack
10 20

In the early 1600s, mankind hadn't moved out the the west yet. The only human villages were those used by Indians. With a comfortable peace between wolves and Indians, who knows what could occur in t
» ties that bind
9 161

The Ties That Bind is a unique fantasy wolf RPG set in apocalyptic times.
Beautiful Creatures
8 220

We all have our beauty, we just show it in different ways. War is going on between the animal kingdoms, some fighting for land and food, others for gold and much more. We are new and growing, active a
8 8
SIRIUS accepts all forms of RP using a "Choose your Story" game element to spice things up. What will be your fate of the dice?
True Thunder
8 46

A semi-realistic sandbox soap opera WRPG. We have no plot, all our stories are completely based on the characters. You can create packs, play as other people's pups, and declare war!
Pale Rust
8 57

We are a semi-realistic, active, literate, uniquely ranked, house based and so much more! Come along and become one of us.
8 17
We are a semi-literate to literate, laid back roleplaying community who's main goal is to make sure every role play is a good one. We offer a strong community environment, some flexibility with the plot, as well as certain fictional elements and will be t
The Nameless Isle
8 43

The Nameless Isle is a new fantasy roleplay accepting human, animal, and spirit characters. We pride ourselves on true character customization and creativity. Low word count.
WolfSim RPG
8 136

WolfSim is a advanced realistic wolf roleplay. Wolfsim focuses on the hardships and freedoms of being a wolf, with a unique roleplay system we strive to be the best wolf roleplay out there. Wolfplay w
8 139

Binary is a fantasy wolf roleplay that incorporates many science fiction elements.
Into the Primitive
7 312

Towards the North lies a crater of a lost civilization, not one of technology but of pointed claws and snapping jowls. Those who live this way are know as the wolves of Orrosta!
Children of Moon
7 37

A literate, semi-realistic, tribal fantasy wolf RP with a unique take on wolves, abilities, and mutations. Seeking staff, IC leadership positions, and mature players!
7 148
Sacris is a brand-new literate wolf rpg, for all levels of role-players! We provide a welcoming community and a comfortable forum, with a great plotted role-play underway~ Come check us!
Serenity River RPG
7 35

Serenity River RPG is a new semi realistic canine roleplay based in the western parts of Montana. Animals are ported to the rural forests and mountainous valleys of Montana in hops to rebuild and sus
6 19

Since we were pups our parents told us the story. A story of mist that would creep from territory to territory, wiping out prey and sometimes taking whole packs out. When the mist left, so did the sto
The Pack of Lovanthron Summit
6 29

A realistic discord pack roleplay that allows wolves, dogs, and hybrids among the mix. With a welcoming community and a literate rp standard, Lovanthron Summit may be perfect for you.
6 575

Amarok is a brand new realistic wolf rp! With three exciting packs and a member driven story, the fun is just getting started! We have a 100 word minimum, and are open to all levels of rp!
The Other Side of Shadows
6 273

TOSoS is a new, dedicated roleplay site for all skill levels. Staff positions and high pack ranks open - we need you. Today.

What's your reflection?
Raptured RPG
6 8
Raptured is a new semi-fantasy wolf rpg with a growing member base! We offer a very low word count, acceptance of all style levels, and many fun game mechanics to keep your character busy!
Merciless Night
6 10
A semi-realistic literate wolf rpg with a simple, uncluttered design, and an engaging story. We are always growing and welcome writers of all sorts of experience.
Aiyanna's Wishes
6 195

free-reign fantasy wolf rpg with daemons
5 494

Insomnia is an all-level freeform magical wolf role play. Your allegiance to an element doesn't determine your pack and you form packs as you grow. There is a new world to discover with Insomnia!
5 82

Welcome to the land of Sahvaria. We are a semi-realistic community. Will you survive the war torn world?
A New Dawn
5 137

A literate, semi-realistic wolf pack role play with a 250 word count.
Three packs on the verge of war.
Will you defend your home?
Division Of The Brothers
5 38
Three packs, each with one brother leading it. The tension is rising. A war could break out at any minute. Where will you go?
Vixare, Fantasy Wolf RPG
5 8

No word count, freeform sandbox Fantasy Wolf RPG where your imagination is the limit!
Muddy Paws: Wolves
5 133

Muddy Paws wolves is a roleplay site where you literally decide the fate of your world. Join us for a fun and free feeling experience.
Season of the Wolf
5 65
Laid back and realistic wolf role-play set in Yellowstone National Park.
5 3
“A dark plague began to threaten our leader’s psyche, developing a sickness that left him too weak to cater his pack. While we were in a state of panic, no one caught wind of the great doom.”
4 53

Greatness awaits those who seek it | Message Slug @
The Faithless
4 20

Once, when the grasses where emerald green and the seas sapphire blue, the mortal races worshipped the deities that created them. The deities were revered and loved. The world was as it should be. The
4 431

wraith is a brand new, semi-advanced, semi-realistic canine roleplay with a wordcount of 100!
The Game of Life
4 13

semi-realistic - new; high ranks available - two packs caught in a war - loner lands for free range plot - wc of 250 - all players welcome
4 130
Semi-realistic wolf/dog rp. Open to new members. We are a fun site, guest friendly bunch.
The World of Neinus
3 68

A freeroam Wolf RPG with a completely custom world environment and more!
3 588


The packs have never seen prey population so thin. After years of easy living, tension is starting to run high and patience is running low. What they don't know is the
Ashes of the Apocalypse
3 52

A post apocalyptic semi realistic wolf rpg. With a 6 sentence minimum and an active and friendly staff team. Just Officially opened as of Feb.9th.2016
Arcane Relics Guild
3 19

Arcane Relics Guild is a fantasy wolf RP, centered on an elusive guild that has unlocked the secrets of elements—fire, water, earth, and air.
3 2

Peringatan akan negatif . Warning will negatife . Pencarian . Search
Wolves Of The Spirit
3 25

No word count! Site is updated regularly. Our plot is semi-open, semi-sitewide plot! Our roleplay is being made into a book!! Join us today!!!
Blackstone Wolves
2 6
Blackstone is a realistic multi-pack based Wolf RP with no set word count. Blackstone's packs come and go but will stay within Blackstone if it is claimed by at least three wolves. There is no strict

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