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Update: As of October, the Top 50 Wolf RPG list no longer accepts sites from as only 99% of these sites know how to follow the rules for our list. My apologies to those who did. I would highly recommend you join one of the other topsite lists out there if you own one of these sites, or create your own (perhaps one dedicated to sites?) Thank you.
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Site Of the Moment:

A realistic wolf roleplay in an apocalyptic setting. We are an intermediate to advanced roleplay community, with a 250 word minimum per post.

Rank Site In Out
1 139

Odyssey is a brand new, stray survival role-play. After the world as we know it has changed, canines, domestic cats, and the few remaining humans must learn to grow together in order to survive.
New World Order
1 128
After a nuclear explosion caused a radioactive infection, the humans were wiped out and many canines infected. However, the canines change but do not die. New World Order is a semi-realistic role-play
0 9

Winsera is a semi-realistic, elemental based animal roleplay site that offers six different elements to choose from. Not only that but we also offer other types of magic, abilities, and additions to a
Final Forest
0 135

We're a semi-realistic wolf rpg site. We have a minimum word count of 200, and offer a friendly community. We have two packs, multiple areas to rp.
The Pack Roleplay
0 2
A mostly realistic, literate wolf roleplay with a thriving online community that sets us apart from the rest. Come join our woods!
Free online games
0 6

cross-platform online multiplayer fantasy RPG! Play your character on the same sever as all your friends no matter what device you are using: Steam (PC/Mac)
Apple iPhone/iPad, Android Phones/Tablets and more coming soon.
Noctre Imperii
0 154

From the ashes of Shinkou Ookami... Reborn as Noctre Imperii. A wolf-based fantasy roleplay. Your imagination is your limit. We will defend the night.
0 3
You've heard stories of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. The Darkness and The Light. Welcome to Whispers of Sin. Here you will be placed into the tribe of your choosing, each representing one of the three
Salali Pack
0 35
What began as a headache and slobbering, became mindless killing. The virus swept through Europe, sparing none. Those who were left well, fought for their lives. Welcome to the game of natural selection.
Crimson Wolf Pack
0 280

Recently revamped, Crimson is a semi-realistic wolf roleplay. Our community welcomes all and our writers are very diverse. So come and write your tale; River Rayn is calling!
Hidden Secrets
0 142

0 9


0 7
0 57
This is a page about the young wolves.They had speshl power ,most like:ice,wind,air,water...When they were a pups,dad say to them:Never go out of then when its a moon night.Pups didnt listen and then they together go out of den,and they see something what
The Fallen Empire
0 153

A semi-realistic wolf rp based on four major packs, as well as large loner land. There is a special section for stray canine roleplay as well. Can't wait to see you!
Fang's Creed II : Awakening
0 179

In order to bring you a better Fang's Creed, an original idea by Silverblood, we offer you a new Revival, Fang's Creed II : Awakening, the Awakening of the Golden Age of this amazing community. Memb
Melodic Wolf Roleplay
0 148
Melodic Wolf Roleplay is about have fun and releasing your inner wolf with others. The website is not completely done!!
WolfPackz RPG
0 98
This is a new wolf role-playing site, with four packs and Wanderer (loner) RP. Come explore a whole new, different world of wolves!
Welcome to the Packs
0 272

{Fantasy | Intermediate | Active}
Welcome to the Packs is a wonderful newly rebooted site that is continuing many years of lore from sites long since lost to the passages of time.
The Midnight Packs
0 129
A wolf rp with 4 packs. Caro the nice ones, Falaro the violent ones, Koro the smart ones, Manati is a mix of the three. Come join us. We have very nice members.
Ethereal Epoch
0 36
Souls of the Moon
0 45
Souls of the Moon is a secret roleplay site only accessible through invitation. The main roleplay is about the wolves Amiron, but others are capable of creating their own RPGs. Super fun and exciting, you choose your destiny today.
0 27
Classic semi-realistic wolf RPG. No word count. No character limit. 3-3-3 RPG rating. Slack chat. Clean custom forum design.
Hollow Hearts
0 74

Semi-literate, winged wolf roleplay. Though your heart may be hollow due to the greedy brutality of life, you can fill it with as many dreams as you wish.
0 54

FrostBite is a semi-realistic wolf RPG focused around the events of the Ice Age. Members are encouraged to plot with one another and to further their writing skills. Our friendly staff are always avai
Wingardium RPG
0 48

Created by Beardog, whom is a member of Resurgence Wolf RPG, Wingardium is a smei-fantasy wolf rpg that allows virtually any coat color, but has limits on eyes. We are Wikifoundry based as the creator
Online Drug Book
0 5

Here can be found not only prescription drugs but homeopathic and veterinary medications too. More than 60,000 items from eminent pharmaceutical companies.
Freedom Pack 101
0 391

A recently revamped Roleplay site full of fantasy wolves! Three wolf packs must ban together to stop a vicious canine from destroying them all -- join in the battle for Freedom!
Silver Skies Pack
0 311

A pack of strangers turned family in the depths of British Columbia. Join us and find yourself in the wilderness.
The Cover of Nightfall
0 374
We are a new, semi-literate werewolf, vampire, and hunter roleplaying site. We need new members to pick things up! All staff positions are open as well as high pack and coven ranks!
Build Your Rp: The Wolves of Roleplay
0 27
The amazingly realistic wolf rp. Join for free
Misty Crystal Wolves Reborn
0 337

A realistic wolf rpg site using forum-based rp. We DO NOT use wolfspeak. Brand new and ready to thrive! Anyone from new rpers to old timers allowed.
The Border Lands
0 68

The Borderlands is a Sci-Fi canine RP set on the planet Pandora, the fictional planet from the Borderlands game series.
Wolves of Slough Creek
0 52

Live the life of a wild Yellowstone wolf in the valley of Slough Creek! There are rough winters, bison and elk hunts, and the opportunity to raise your own pups! Will you survive the call of the wild?
Mountion wolfs
0 119

Inspired by White Mountain wolfs comes Mountain wolfs. This is a realistic wolf RPG. Come and see for your self.
0 39
Between Two Realms is a semi-literate forums roleplay site that welcomes everyone! We have three types of species: wolves, foxes, coyotes. The plot is created to encourage players to join in. We hope to see you there sometime!
The Lost Continent
0 170
You're stranded on an island. Will you become part of the thriving pack? Or will you die out in the wilderness? The choice is up to you.
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