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Update: As of October, the Top 50 Wolf RPG list no longer accepts sites from wetpaint.com as only 99% of these sites know how to follow the rules for our list. My apologies to those who did. I would highly recommend you join one of the other topsite lists out there if you own one of these sites, or create your own (perhaps one dedicated to wetpaint.com sites?) Thank you.
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Site Of the Moment:
Eden's Inferno

Eden's Inferno is a realistic advanced role-play where wolves, humans, and dogs struggle to survive and co-exist.

Rank Site In Out
The Secrets of Yellowstone
27 260

Set in the beautiful setting of Yellowstone, we are a realistic and laid back wolf role-play.
The Wandering Wolves
26 171

A forum, play by post wolf site, set in a unique world of four lands called Anastasia. Will you wander alone, or will the wandering wolves band together to form a pack against all odds?
Let Go
24 30

A strictly family orientated wolf pack with a specific complex joining procedure. You MUST be dedicated to join.
Para Bellum
21 19
para bellum is an original based wolf role play. all the ideas and thoughts were created by staff and the plots on site will come as they do. check it out to see if it is a place for you! we are alway
The Australian Paws Pack!
20 192

A canid role play in the wonders of Australia! A clash of animals vs the environment of Australia, and among themselves. Can you survive within the pack?
16 14

An advanced fantasy wolf roleplay
15 110

There are three virtues to live for: Loyalty, Modesty, and Love. These three rose up and were the three factors in choosing a leader. This is her pack.

Small Community? Family atmosphere? Join us!
Land of the Wolf
14 47

Lotw is a fun 13+ fantasy role play RPG site. We have friendly active members as well staff! Join us today!
Requiem Dream
12 32

When you have the ability to manifest the realms, control an element, and all the while love like no other, will you take that chance?
The Four Clans RPG
12 88
An immersive, active role-play website based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter with a unique twist.
The Corazon Pack
10 31

A active wolf rpg, with only 2 members. Looking for more people to take up the tanks. Staff and high ranks still open. For literal or beginners, The Corazon is open for all members.

The Corazon
The Pack`s Fates
9 14

The human race died out, a virus killed most of the wolves & prey as only 2 pack stood strong. Prey is low tension is high and a huge battle is brewing, who will survive?
A New Semi-Realistic and frie
Where the Wolves Belong
8 101

Semi-Realistic Wolf RP. Two Packs trying to figure out where their Packs belong in the Forest. Site is active, it was created Feb. 19, 2014.
Destiny's Faith
8 19

Destiny's Faith is a new site with fun active members and staff. We are PG 13 but do accept 12 year olds. Follow your destiny as a lion or wolf joining one of the prides or tribes or maybe as a loner
Nocte Diei Animus Odi
7 24

A Mature Lycanthrope Secret Society RPG |Open|Active|Needing Members!
Shattered Eclipse Pack
6 68

You want to know about us eh? Well come and check us out silly!
5 91

Amarok is a brand new realistic wolf rp! With three exciting packs and a member driven story, the fun is just getting started! We have a 100 word minimum, and are open to all levels of rp!
5 55

New Place|Semi-Lit|Semi-Real|Friendly|Battle-Based|Wolf|ACTIVE
4 5

wraith is a brand new, semi-advanced, semi-realistic canine roleplay with a wordcount of 100!
Aiyanna's Wishes
4 49

free-reign fantasy wolf rpg with daemons
Blood Bound
2 15
We are a semi-literate, semi-realistic, no WC, wolf RPG with currently no set plot and generally kind atmosphere.
New World Order
1 13
After a nuclear explosion caused a radioactive infection, the humans were wiped out and many canines infected. However, the canines change but do not die. New World Order is a semi-realistic role-play
The Wolves of Revolution
1 18
We are a wolf RolePlay site located in Germany. We welcome all types of canines, to show the rest what freedom, unity and equality means!
Where The Werewolves Lie
0 21
An exciting werewolf role-play connected to the amazing Wattpad in stories and books. Will you survive in the dramatic life of a werewolf or a demon? Mod apps are currently open! Vote for us today!
Hidden Secrets
0 16

Hostile Whispers
0 60

Hostile Whispers is a semi-advanced to advanced semi-realistic RPG site.
0 72

A wonderland of magic; Daskv is a play-by-post, semi-realistic, liquid time, advanced, post-apocalyptic wolf roleplay that takes place in Victus. Harbinger is a fun, active community picking up from w
Wolf's Web
0 17

Kinos have ruled at peace, until a unique pelted pup was born, who began the Yedra pack. The packs and warred oneanother. Now at ceasefire,they rebuild. Will you stay normal, or find your true colors?
Secret's of Alaska
0 62

There are many Secrets in Alaska that no one knows aout they soon will be uncovered! Come on Join us we don't bite well maybe a little!
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