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Update: As of October, the Top 50 Wolf RPG list no longer accepts sites from wetpaint.com as only 99% of these sites know how to follow the rules for our list. My apologies to those who did. I would highly recommend you join one of the other topsite lists out there if you own one of these sites, or create your own (perhaps one dedicated to wetpaint.com sites?) Thank you.
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Site Of the Moment:
The Kinetic Pack
Four families in the pack all have their specific roles and responsibilities. But what happens when the lowest ranking members become unsatisfied? What happens when the pack's embodiment returns from

Rank Site In Out
Vox Populi
103 799

We are a semi-realistic wolf RP site; that has been up and running for 3+ years.
Stranger, V4
91 738

Stranger has been upgraded and this time it's better than before. Humans have now been integrated after the calamity which struck Advena Valley. Do you have what it takes to overcome the new threat?
After The Fall
88 45

A completely original plot where you can play as a wolf or a human.
The Freki
87 304

The Freki is a new semi-realistic wolf pack for modest to advanced role players. Will you have what it takes to be called kin by our warriors... our leaders... our gods? We shall see.
Lunar Children
86 992
An intermediate to advanced semi-realistic wolf rpg, we allow uncommon eye colors and have a special feature - the ability for wolves to imprint! A beautiful community, full of friendly staff and amazing members and characters.
Distant Bloods Version 2
84 160

A friendly community of canines/wolves of all kinds, a RP for all levels, where a pack turns into a family, where adventure is around every corner! However you describe us, we welcome you warmly!
83 198

Wolf is a semi-realistic wolf role-playing game focused on three principles: simple, casual, fun.
Silver Moon Pack
82 160

Silver moon is a semi-realistic wolf rpg with friendly atmosphere and active members. We accept beginner-advanced. Come check us out!
Blizzard Pack Reborn
82 615

Blizzard Pack Reborn is a semi-realistic wolf rp with very friendly members. Come join stress free roleplay and create fun plots for your character!
Lunari Addunt
81 329

Literate Fantasy RP. Here in Lunari we have 5 very different races from humans to shifters and even vampires. Feel free to explore our lands, but be careful, the war of the races carries on.
81 86

Ricochet is a semi-realistic wolf role play based in Russia. We hope to bring a fun and exciting environment for everyone!
79 53

Evalos is a real wolf RPG and is in search of new members just like you! Check out Evalos and join today!
Era Of The Forsaken Fates
74 190

You have many choices in the world, but for us, fate chooses your path. You have only three true choices, Angel, Hybrid, or Demon. So, what's your fate?
adelfi psychi
72 315

Come join us in a journey through your sences, an exotic adventure with your creativity! Come to adelfi psychi! We are an active community which roleplays wolves and animals, based on your imagination
Falling Hollow
72 591

Even on the brink of death, everyone wishes to be remembered. Will join Bantu's quest for blood shed, or Allegro's search for peace. Either way, your fate is your's to decide.
70 143

|Brand New|Active|Friendly|Beginner-Literate|Needing Members|
68 32

Ravensbruck is slavery wolf rpg that has been growing steadily. We are an intermediate rpg with a 300 word post minimum.
The Stone Den
66 497

Based on the novels “Fire Bringer”, "The Sight" and "Fell" written by David Clement-Davies. The Stone Den is a noncannon roleplay after the death of Fell and his mate. We are freshly open and look
Land of Ruin
66 597

Welcome to the Land of Ruin! We are an elemental wolf rpg site with unique features. We have a 7 sentence minimum and accept all levels of writing. With an active community and friendly staff we welco
63 149

A fantasy wolf rpg. Create your shadow or regular wolf, roleplay, and fight in a great war. There is many canons open and stuff in the shop.
Blue Eclipse Pack
61 215

We are canine pack with special abiltys to call the blue eclipse on our side. We use it for good things like hunting, healing and fighting rivals.
61 54

Our game focuses on..
Realistic scenery, wolf behavior, physical appearances and the in depth family infrastructure of a wolf pack. There each wolf has a last name, (kin group). Please check individua
Luminous Rain Pack
59 498

Luminous Rain is a brand new realistic wolf-rpg site! We would hope that many will come and join us! So what are you waiting for? Come and Follow Your Dreams.
Imporia: Opus Dei (God's Work)
59 49

We're a fresh bipedal Werewolf RP site, with a big plot and open high ranks. Staff positions and tons of great members already. Are you ready?
Once Upon a Canine
57 129

Due to a Queen's vengeance, a new world must be made. Everyone is given the chance to forget their past life and begin a new. Join Albion today, and reveal the glorious tale that each wolf has within
Wolves of the Glen
57 55

Wolves of the Glen is a new, literate, semi-realistic wolf roleplaying site with three packs and various roleplaying locations! Will you join us?
54 175

IF ALL ELSE FAILS is an advanced stray canine RPG with a word-count of 300 words, and a very active, fun community! Enter a world where humans have destroyed themselves entirely in the aftermath of an
53 61

A semi-realistic literate RP, following the lives of two packs based in the Canadian and Alaskan regions during the 1960s.
Wolf Night Saga
49 848
A fantasy wolf roleplay based on the upcoming youtube series The Rebellion. Active since 2009 and boasting a warm, friendly community.
Civilized Savagery
48 297

Civilized Savagery is a realistic, play-by-post intermediate-advanced, wolf RPG. After a hundred years of war, the wolves are free of their former Masters. Yet savagery still threatens to control thei
When The Music Stops
48 123

Red Rock Rise is the perfect sanctuary for the dogs that have been driven out of their former homes among the humans. But the wolf pack lives doesn’t take kindly to the news.
48 106

We are eyeofthewolfrp. We currently have 2 packs that are fighting over land. Doesn't seem to fit out? Just wait we have events all the time such as turning human, gettings powers and more! Come join
47 363

Velox is a semi-realistic wolf rp site. We offer character driven plots, three packs, awards, a points system, a points shop, freedom for litter designs, and so much more.
46 49

The possibilities are endless.
Dusk Valley Pack
44 314

A brand new pack looking for members! A place of beauty, thrill, adventure, and peace. A fun, active environment looking for wolves who love the thrill of adventure and freedom.
43 495

BRAND NEW SITE. A fast paced fantasy wolf Role Play where the plot is in your paws, the personalities vary allowing as many plots that your imagination can create.
Shadows on the Island
41 41

Multi specie from domesticated animals to wild ones and humans too; all trapped on an island cloaked in the mystery that is the Bermuda Triangle
New World Wolves
41 266

An active and friendly, semi-realistic Wolf RPG looking for new members :D
The Carnival Pack
40 23
A new site filled with a apocalyptic carnival theme. Join our family today!
Souls of the Unknown V.2
40 116

A brand new, literate werewolf-mix role playing community with 30+ places to RP and counting! We all belong here but how long can we remain united?
Denali Falls Pack
40 484

Who we are, Denali Falls Pack, is what we live for. Loyalty, Love and Spirit, all our traits. A family we call with one common goal: honor wolves. Join us on the battlefield to protect our pack!
Wolves of the Wild
39 535

A brand new realistic wolf RPG. Live life as a lone wolf or join the pack, Rapid Creek.
The Spring Falls Pack
36 73

The Spring Falls Pack is a semi-realistic wolf role play. Have the ability to have a form as a human, and even gain powers! Venture through the sands of time, towards a new world...
Untamed Savannah Pack
36 161

We are an African Wild Dog RP based in Tsavo National Park East. Our survival is based on the skill of hunting. Do you have what it takes to survive the harsh African climate? Come find out!
Vicania Dynasty
34 127

A fun and realistic wolf rpg. With friendly admins and an awesome active member role-play. High ranks are open
34 180

Forgotten is a free-reign RP. Lone wolf or make a pack? You decide!
In the future, we see human kind wiped out. It's every beast for itself... or is it?
New & under construction. Moderator spots open
A New Dawn
32 67

A literate, semi-realistic wolf pack role play with a 150 word count. Three packs on the verge of war. Will you defend your home?
In Dire Straits
32 125

In Dire Straits is a highly active animal RP taking place in a fictional region, “The Dire Straits”, loosely based on the tail end of the ice age.
Souls of Deep Haven
32 115

Souls of Deep Haven is a new up and coming wolf rpg. We accept all levels of role-players from beginners to advanced. Come join us now!
Demonic Possession
32 44

Demonic Possession is a wolf rp website, age 13+ is recommended. Advance towards a world plunged in chaos, choose your fate for your life depends on it.

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