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Update: As of October, the Top 50 Wolf RPG list no longer accepts sites from wetpaint.com as only 99% of these sites know how to follow the rules for our list. My apologies to those who did. I would highly recommend you join one of the other topsite lists out there if you own one of these sites, or create your own (perhaps one dedicated to wetpaint.com sites?) Thank you.
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Site Of the Moment:
Tenebrae Apprehendite

A BRAND NEW realistic wolf RPG. 4 packs to choose from and plenty of openings for new members. High ranks are available for all four packs were also looking for staff.

Rank Site In Out
Eye Of The Wolf RP
59 383

Created in 2013, Eye Of The Wolf RP is different from the rest! With events to jazz up the role-play and the ability to role-play as almost every animal plus more! We are family here, come join!
Silver Moons Pack
59 132
The prophecy begins when four wolves of each clan reveal their names to create the clans. Our site offers an active RP for any RPer. Prophecies are played in RP events.
Wolf Life
57 839

We are a semi-realistic wolf RPG that has been going for over six years. We are open to all levels of role play, from beginner to advanced.
Into the Myst
55 269

Pass through the myst, and into the Realm, where a single character can affect an age-old war. Earn points by posting, and use them- or don't- on unique features and talents. Most of all, have fun!
47 342

The possibilities are endless.
Para Bellum
47 53
para bellum is an original based wolf role play. all the ideas and thoughts were created by staff and the plots on site will come as they do. check it out to see if it is a place for you! we are alway
The Spring Falls Pack
46 374

The Spring Falls Pack is a semi-realistic wolf role play. Have the ability to have a form as a human, and even gain powers! Venture through the sands of time, towards a new world...
Souls of the Unknown V.2
46 318

A brand new, literate werewolf-mix role playing community with 30+ places to RP and counting! We all belong here but how long can we remain united?
45 9

A new wolf roleplay site, this is a fantasy roleplay about two packs driven to war after the loss of their Elemental Spirits.
Uccello River Pack
40 56

Uccello is a pack unlike any other. Where you're free to roam the many lands, you also will notice there is a hint of darkness awaiting to be seen.
Let Go
40 111

A strictly family orientated wolf pack with a specific complex joining procedure. You MUST be dedicated to join.
The Black Earth V.2
39 46

The Earth was ravaged by fire, ending the age of man. Now wolves reign over the black earth. Although the wolves DNA has been tampered with, strange colors infect their pelts. Come and join in!
33 123

New Place|Semi-Lit|Semi-Real|Friendly|Battle-Based|Wolf|ACTIVE
31 84

a fantasy wolf & coyote RPG
The Secrets of Yellowstone
28 444

Set in the beautiful setting of Yellowstone, we are a realistic and laid back wolf role-play.
The Wandering Wolves
26 267

A forum, play by post wolf site, set in a unique world of four lands called Anastasia. Will you wander alone, or will the wandering wolves band together to form a pack against all odds?
20 184

There are three virtues to live for: Loyalty, Modesty, and Love. These three rose up and were the three factors in choosing a leader. This is her pack.

Small Community? Family atmosphere? Join us!
The Australian Paws Pack!
20 251

A canid role play in the wonders of Australia! A clash of animals vs the environment of Australia, and among themselves. Can you survive within the pack?
Shattered Eclipse V2
19 92

Every 10 Moons, the clans come together and Unite under a strand of peace. The question is...Would this peace last?
The Corazon Pack
19 118

A active wolf rpg, with only 2 members. Looking for more people to take up the tanks. Staff and high ranks still open. For literal or beginners, The Corazon is open for all members.

The Corazon
Wolfs Web
19 85

Wolfs Web is a brand new realistic, liquid time, any literacy wolf roleplay with a minimum of 150 word posts. We are small community, so come
join the fun today!

Tundra: The Next Generation
16 6

The vast, cold fields of the Tundra aren't as barren as you think. Step into a colorful and enchanting world of hybrids, mutations, and species much more close to home.

Out on the Tundra, You're n
Crimson Creek
15 35

Crimson Creek is a brand new Semi-Realistic role playing site in need of some members. Please check it out! Thank you.
Land of the Wolf
14 121

Lotw is a fun 13+ fantasy role play RPG site. We have friendly active members as well staff! Join us today!
The Four Clans RPG
14 131
An immersive, active role-play website based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter with a unique twist.
Destiny's Faith
14 105

Destiny's Faith is a new site with fun active members and staff. We are PG 13 but do accept 12 year olds. Follow your destiny as a lion or wolf joining one of the prides or tribes or maybe as a loner
Requiem Dream
14 125

When you have the ability to manifest the realms, control an element, and all the while love like no other, will you take that chance?
Nocte Diei Animus Odi
12 161

A Mature Lycanthrope Secret Society RPG |Open|Active|Needing Members!
The Pack`s Fates
11 70

The human race died out, a virus killed most of the wolves & prey as only 2 pack stood strong. Prey is low tension is high and a huge battle is brewing, who will survive?
A New Semi-Realistic and frie
10 140

Dominus is a play-by-post, semi-realistic, liquid time, present day, post-apocalyptic wolf roleplay that takes place in the land of Dominus. We have everything except you!
Where the Wolves Belong
9 172

Semi-Realistic Wolf RP. Two Packs trying to figure out where their Packs belong in the Forest. Site is active, it was created Feb. 19, 2014.
» ties that bind
8 22

The Ties That Bind is a unique fantasy wolf RPG set in apocalyptic times.
7 25
Sacris is a brand-new literate wolf rpg, for all levels of role-players! We provide a welcoming community and a comfortable forum, with a great plotted role-play underway~ Come check us!
Shattered Eclipse Pack
6 136

You want to know about us eh? Well come and check us out silly!
6 189

Amarok is a brand new realistic wolf rp! With three exciting packs and a member driven story, the fun is just getting started! We have a 100 word minimum, and are open to all levels of rp!
The Other Side of Shadows
5 52

TOSoS is a new, dedicated roleplay site for all skill levels. Staff positions and high pack ranks open - we need you. Today.

What's your reflection?
5 125

Insomnia is an all-level freeform magical wolf role play. Your allegiance to an element doesn't determine your pack and you form packs as you grow. There is a new world to discover with Insomnia!
Tenebrae Apprehendite
5 67

A BRAND NEW realistic wolf RPG. 4 packs to choose from and plenty of openings for new members. High ranks are available for all four packs were also looking for staff.
Beautiful Creatures
4 42

We all have our beauty, we just show it in different ways. War is going on between the animal kingdoms, some fighting for land and food, others for gold and much more. We are new and growing, active a
4 36
Semi-realistic wolf/dog rp. Open to new members. We are a fun site, guest friendly bunch.
4 119

wraith is a brand new, semi-advanced, semi-realistic canine roleplay with a wordcount of 100!
Aiyanna's Wishes
4 86

free-reign fantasy wolf rpg with daemons
3 140


The packs have never seen prey population so thin. After years of easy living, tension is starting to run high and patience is running low. What they don't know is the
Darkness Return
3 10

An open source animal RPG. We accept all roleplay levels.
The Glade
3 63

A new semi-realistic RP with a focus on being engaging and fun for all ages and writing abilities. Members participate in quests, build skills, level, and more!
Dog Eat Dog World
2 23

DEDW is a brand new canine based role-play where the humans have gone extinct from a nuclear war. Now, the dogs are running like crazy. How much longer can they survive before the wars radiation needs
Blood Bound
2 36
We've moved to http://thedwellers.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx.
Fractured Image
2 15

New and upcoming semi-lit fantasy wolf rpg. Lots of open territories and a stat/dice system completely unique to any other forum of it's time.
Vicania Dynasty
2 70

A fun and active wolf rpg. Recently just restarted and looking for members. Plenty of openings and great members who are super friendly.
2 17
Azmack is a brand new wolf site and we're looking for our first members. We just opened up November 16th. We are a semi-realistic site with it's own breed of wolves available.

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